Album of the month: Giorgia Angiuli – Quantum Love

Giorgia Angiuli’s 13 track album “Quantum Love” on her UNITED label is out now, combining and contrasting fast, insistent dance beats with her signature melodic synths and dreamy lyrics; ‘an eclectic work including piano downtempo tracks and techno melodic tracks with ethereal vocals (Angiuli).
The multi-talented live artist/DJ/producer/vocalist/lyricist and studio-building tech wizard used lockdown as a creative nexus. Einstein’s ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ led her to explore quantum physics, while her first India tour inspired ongoing interest in sound meditation and philosophy, culminating in the LP.

“Quantum Love” is my inner soundtrack to my recent transformation’ Giorgia says. “We are made of energy, everything is vibration. We are each our own placebo, happiness can be a choice, we have all the elements inside us for the right path. Nature can teach us everything.”

Quantum Love Tracklist:
1 Hidden Miracles
2 Breackdown the Walls
3 Hanuman
4 My Heart Takes Me
5 I Want I Will
6 Renew- Single 2
7 Do Not Disturb
8 Tears of Bliss
9 Dirac Equation
10 Alien Hug
11 Rainbow Island
12 Nevermind
13 Hideden Miracles (Binaural Remix)

Giorgia Angiuli - Quantum Love