Alfa Cornae – Cornae (FD White)

Label: FD White
Cat No.: FUDISW001
Vinyl Release: 22nd Feb 2018

Mysterious white label release “ALFA EP” coming from new kid on the block “Alfa Cornae”.
This EP is all Italian, recommended listening: cruising through the Tuscany countryside, riding shotgun in a vintage Alfa. If the above is not at hand, then any local nightclub with a decent sound system will do. Ok so you climb into your Alfa, a thing of beauty, you rev the engine, it sounds like your ex… in a good way…. This is a serious roadster, we’re not talking Ford Mondao, we’re talking all Italian smooth V8 engine, luxury leather upholstery, the real deal!
You’re on your way to the best party in town, driving down the freeway toward Milan, 120 mph, roof down, a virgin Negroni in the passenger seat, casually smoking on a fat Toscano cigar; you’re on the way to the biggest discotheque this side of the river Po.
Now you’re in a hot tub. You don’t know who’s it is but it has bubbles. You turn to your right; next to you is Roberto Baggio. You take a big drag on your cigar and smile at him, he responds with a cheeky wink. Next thing you know you’re dressed as a goalkeeper and everyone’s dancing. Negronis all round, even for the reserves. Everyone is dishing out high fives; there’s been one too many cigars smoked. Gerd Janson is dressed as a lama and the crowd is loving it.

Fudisw001 - Artwork