deephouse Talent Mix – Votuma

Votuma creative person with active life position, for which the music is good and has long been an integral part of life. Has its own unique, peculiar and unique style.
Skillfully picks up each set and confidently adapts it to suit the mood of the public. Playing with 90-x, trying his hand at different experimental styles. At this stage it is closer in spirit to Deep house, Melodic-techno, which in its filing penetrate deeply into all parts of the body, touching on every thread.
Founder promo group APLAY and already more than two years people pleases APLAY mental partying and acquaints you with world-class artists.Parties APLAY are known for their atmosphere, interesting people, kratyynm approach and inviting foreign artefacts. Such as: Citizen Kain, Betoko, Just Her, James Trystan, Envotion, Proff,Lena Popova, Dmitry Molosh and more…
At the end of 2017, Votuma founded the TAAX project with her friend. In 2018, TAAX quickly left in front and began to occupy a good position in the rating! Afro-House, Deep House, Melodiс-techno – this is what will sound from TAAX