Deephouseit Spotlight – Remote Viewing Party

Fresh from the label’s inauguration in May with Packard, Detroit’s Infolines label continues its release schedule this October with The Theatre. The four-track VA includes singles from Bendersnatch, Remote Viewing Party and Francois Dillinger, as well as a collaboration from Dev-Lish and Maxlow.

Infolines 002 – The Theatre (VA). Released 23rd October 2020 on 12″ and digital:

Opting to remain “anonymous and off the radar”, the enigma surrounding Bendersnatch allows their music to do the talking. More is known about Mike Petrack and Aran Daniel AKA Remote Viewing Party, part label-founders and a pairing who have appeared on Resident Advisor’s stage at Movement Festival Detroit in the past. Head of Detek Music and a regular face in the scene since the 90’s, Ian Desmond AKA Dev-Lish has remained a well-known presence since his first release on Fresca Recordings. The same can not be said for the mysterious Maxlow, who once again prefers to remain “anonymous and off the radar.” A detroit-native, Francois Dillinger’s productions have found a home on Blind Allies and Diffuse Reality to name a mere few, whilst tracks such as Fractal Hunter and Before The End have been supported by Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke respectively.