Deephouseit Talent Mix – Cristina Lazic

Cristina Lazic returns to Rebellion with a stunning three-track EP following her recent release on the Souls Vol.2 VA last year.
Born in Milan and raised in London, Cristina started playing the piano when she was six, grew up composing music.
Emerging into the spotlight only four years ago, Cristina has performed at iconic clubs and festivals around the world. She also caught the attention of Pioneer DJ Italy, who chose her as an ambassador and example for aspiring female DJs. Her releases can be found on Bondage Music, Creature Records and Rebellion.

Part of, the world leading community of women in the music industry, she leads the parenthood committee’s efforts to safeguard the interest of artists with kids.

Mix Tracklist:
Thomas Skjaerstad – It’s albert speaking (Set opener bonus)
Lukea – Zirconiu
Einzelkind – Free Savioni (Amnesia Pearl Mix)
Cristina Lazic – Mirror
Mancini – Momentum
Cristina Lazic – Burning
David Belmont, Edu Saiz – Nothing Control
Ruben Mandolini – Romantica (2021 Rework)
Majhu – Dusk
Azire – Alignment
Cristina Lazic – Jazzy Felling
James Dexter – Babe

Cristina Lazic – Burning EP. Released 18th March 2022 on Rebellion: