Deephouseit Talent Mix – David Mari

David Mari’s musical endeavours started at the age of 6, when he took drum lessons as well as studied music theory at ‘A Sharp School of Music’. Over the years he studied & played many different styles of percussion, such as jazz, samba, punk rock, & metal. It wasn’t until he was 13 when he auditioned for Father John Redmond Regional Arts Centre & attended 4 years of high school.

David continued drumming until he moved to Los Angles, California with his, at the time band, ‘Cedar Boulevard’, where he played at venues such as The Wisky A Go-Go & Vans Warped tour. A few years later, the band disbanded & he returned home to Toronto.
It was only after 2014 when he started to discover his love for electronic music. “I remember seeing Deadmau5 close Veld Music Festival for the first time & being absolutely blown away by the audio/visual
production. That’s when everything changed for me.” House, techno, & anything progressive was what he began to eat, sleep & breathe. He began producing re works & remixes of his favourite artists, but one day everything changed, his mentor ended up gifting him the tools he needed to learn how to DJ. 8 months later, David had played almost every major underground dance music venue in the city such as CODA, Toybox (formerly known as UNIUN), Vertigo, and many more. He is one of the few, fastest rising DJs in his Toronto & is showing no signs of slowing down.