Deephouseit Talent Mix – Dj Titas

João Pedro aka Dj TiTAS is a Portuguese artist with a career of more than 10 years…with a pure old school touch your sets are energized from deep house to techno! Very early began to interested in more sonorities underground and to attend parties of djs of the height … was soon fan of names like: Jeff Mills , Plastikman , Carl Cox , Derrick May , Victor Calderone & others.. Around 2005 want to work with music himself , Inspired by Detroit Techno and the new Tech House with a tribal touch. He started to playing in friends partys & region clubs. In 2010 he had already played in events with brand names: Ignition Technician , Ogi , Fatima Hajji , Boriqua Tribez , Horacio Cruz , DJ Zé Mig-l , Gonçalo M & many others good artists.. Keep in touch & have fun!!