Deephouseit Talent Mix – Eddie Kitsner

2020 got Eddie back in the studio firing up his musical journey once again with a new approach to things; a new workflow, mind set, and exciting music fresh off the block. Developing his own original signature sound has alway been the ultimate goal and dream to deliver his sound directly to the global underground dance scene.

Eddie began mixing at the age of 20 and never looked back. He has spent the last 24 years honing his DJ skills, and is today looking to become one of the freshest up and coming DJs. His infectious blend of deep tech house building to techno, combined with the best quality underground house tracks will soon be lapped up by dance floors across the UK and the world. His style gives the crowd the drive of percussion, deep kicks and bass to make them dance, take a much needed breather, before pounding them into a frenzy. Eddie is a superb and dedicated performer behind the decks.

Eddie is currently signed to Sneja Recordings, Bonzai Back Catalogue, Confessions from the /underground Records, SumSycheSynth Records, LW Recordings, Beatwave Records, Octane K.Productions Records, Mazzetti Alessandro Music, and BRM Electro.
Beatport link
He has also been working with some great artists from around the globe, including Marcel Ei Gio Argentina, Paul Di Gio Argentina, Joao Joaquim DJ Deep Noise from Portugal, and will be working with more in the coming year. He has tracks on Beatport with two EPs coming soon on BRM Electro. Beatport link
Eddie worked in the world famous Glasgow ARCHES as part of the events management team for SuperNova hell events – one of Glasgow coolest night club events. Helping to bring big name DJs to the city of Glasgow on a regular monthly basis, pulling in big crowds.

Eddie was involved with his own Tech/house podcast and received support from the following after climbing the charts fast day by day, playing DJ sets himself and guest mixes for producer Steve LAWLER – Live @ Soho Studios, Miami – VIVa MUSiC
North American Bus Tour 2010, Marcel Ei Gio techno mix, BRM ELECTRO LAD PUBLISHING & RECORDING, ORION RECORDS, Dirty Harris MIX MOQUINA MUSIC/ BIG LOVE / TOOLROOM RECORDS/ Dirty Deluxe Records Leon de Mar and Ramorae to name a few, and more coming soon! Stay tuned, log in, follow, subscribe, and download this wonderful list of under ground music

Not only did Eddie DJ on his Podcast he has also done mixes for Elektronische Unikate, an online German radio show, and a 2 hour set and interview as well. Global1fm has asked him to do a weekly live show, with many others also showing interest.

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