Deephouseit Talent Mix – Eugenio Baldacci

Eugenio Baldacci was born in Pisa in 1993. Always passionate about music and instruments he approaching the world of music at the age of 5 studying piano. Fascinated by the world of the night at the age of 15 he entered the nightlife’s world as a promoter and dj, a figure that has always fascinated him . From that day he entered the Tuscan nightlife and getting in short time a lot of experience in local clubs as a DJ and as a great lover of music. Big lover of vinyls and oldschool mixstyle, He has played in clubs like Re:Flex Club, King Club, Palazzo dei Congressi di Pisa , Pepila Club, Dandy Club , Vertigo Club and many others. Since the beginning of 2012 is part of the project Re:Flex by the Metempsicosi Team, one of the largest booking agencies in Italy with guests directly from Cocoon and Metempsicosi . On May 5 2012, shares the decks in the event ” the fables of Franchino ” with OOzicky at Reflex Club, and April 24 2012 is in the line up of the singular event ” Dj Ralf @ The Congress House of Pisa .” His sets as his productions go over the classic sounds ranging from Club , with a harmony of Deep Sound , melodic synth and a groove style full of underground sonorities, away from the criteria and interpreting dj set with a fine choice of music that range to deep house to micro house, appreciating really much English and Germans Producers. Until now it is on the market with “Deep Feeling” , debut EP on Urbanlife Records, and “BAD CITY EP”. From the 2012/2013 season continues its activities dj performing in some Underground events in Pisa,and organizing events with the purpose to share and let know new music style to the people of his city. October 12 shares the decks with Paolo Kighine at Technoland Festival .” In 2014 He has Played some importans gigs like the Greentech Festival (with Seth Troxler,Derrick May, San Proper, Horror Inc and more) and he has shared the decks with some big artist at Vertigo Club (IT) , warm upping John Heckle (15.02.14) and Alex Neri (30.04.14) .In September he his in the line up of the “Turn Off festival” playing whit Names like Lucy,Tom Trago, Clockwork & Avatism, Mountkimbie. For the season 2014/2015 he became resident DJ of Ritual – Tendencia de Musica, an exclusive Party in Pisa where he had the opportunity to warm up the dance floor for a lot of big names in the club culture like Alex Neri , Marco effe , Romano Alfieri , Fabrizio Maurizi, Giovanni Verrina , Francesco Farfa , Leon , and many others. His work as a producer goes ahead with the uncoming release of “Apricot Hill” on Afterworks Sounds, German Label And with “My Mystik Road Ep” Released by Boreal Recordings.

New release:

Introspection Recordings is proud to present Eugenio Baldacci.
After his latest release Hypnagogic in 2017, he breaks the silence with his new La Musique EP.
This EP represents his deep and melancholy sound, Borderless is the intro track that warms the listener, When We Love is “instant classic”, on this he reiterates his skill in mixing his classic sonorous timbre to the rhythm of broken techno, La Musique is the track that gives the EP its name, almost 9 minutes of acid techno in 4/4 time with the voice of the most famous bagpipe in European clubbing speaking in french.
Caligula interprets a poem from I Fiori del Male by Charles Baudelaire, all surrounded by a melancholic and immersive melody.

BCFHBH returns to release on Introspection after Kin and Nur released on vinyl in the limited series with a remix of La Musique that is his trademark, unpredictability and madness, pure Industrial Techno.
Remember Us is last but not least another timeless track with a broken rhythm.

Eugenio Baldacci - La Musique - Introspection Recordings