Deephouseit Talent Mix – Eva Lakritz

Eva Lakritz was born in Spain, and her ambition for electronic music moved her to live in Ibiza, where she was musically inspired.
The last year, as a resident of Kinetic Music, she starter doing her first official steps as a Dj in Cologne, Germany.
She also appears as the only Djane of the crew in the legionary Green Komm.
Eva works also with her very best friends of „Die Praxis“ with wich she has played in clubs such as Fundbureau in Hamburg or Void in Berlin, and still searching together for a new coming Dates.
2020 started for her as a winner of the Dj Contest Odonia Noire and she does not allow herself to be made small either due to the situation the pandemic, since currently her attention is focused on the studio giving life to her productions.
Her career as an artist is not so long, but is very intense because her sets do not go unnoticed. From deep to melodic to techno, all of her mixes invite you to keep moving and not to get off the dance floor!!