Deephouseit Talent Mix – Jack Noize (US)

New mix by Jack Noize
In the early 2000′s a nappy-headed kid was sneaking into beach clubs in search of the grooviest House sounds he could feast his ears on. When he wasn’t cutting up dance floors, Jack was burning mixes to rock on his skateboard rides along coastal highways. Born to a classical guitarist father and disco dancing mother, it’s no doubt where Jack’s love for music comes from. Growing up he played guitar and provided mediocre vocals for a handful of punk and metal bands in Maryland, but Jack always found himself drawn back to Dance music. Living summer after summer with his House-head cousins, Jack would spend entire nights crate-digging for tracks that move the soul. He played his first sets as a giddy kid in friend’s basements and has been spinning underground parties and clubs ever since. It’s his creativity, energy, and love for House music that allows Jack to connect with the dance floor and move entire club rooms for hours.