Deephouseit Talent Mix – Jampikid

Jampikid – real name Patrik Villand – first saw the light of day on 24 September, 1998.
He was born in the beautiful county called Maramures in Transylvania, Romania.

His passion towards electronic music started at a young age which grew bigger and bigger as he got older, slowly developing his taste in music with every set recorded.
Starting to get picked up by the musical events in and around Ingolstadt, Germany, Jampikid is starting to slowly make a name for himself in the region. He also started a residency at Nest by Liebe & Triebe in Ingolstadt.

His sets include a selection of deep and hypnotic beats, steadily bringing the groove on the dance-floor for everyone to enjoy.
His music brings joy to your ears and feet, makes you nod your head and dance to the beat without you knowing it.