Deephouseit Talent Mix – Julia Tamzyn

Julia Tamzyn started her DJ career on pirate radio in the 90s in Sheffield, U.K. Since then, she’s gone on to perform sets at hundreds of gigs and residencies in clubs worldwide, including Berlin (Ostgut/Klunkerkranich), Hong Kong (Drop/Ozone), and New York (Gateway, Konkrete Jungle).

She curates and creates sublime deep house music that feels both timeless and fresh. Her DJ sets never fail to move a dance floor and her carefully prepared mixes are immersed in emotion.

Check out her debut EP, Refraction, released on all platforms July 14th.


By Night – Julia Tamzyn
Echoes – Maxxim
Nothingness – Enamour, Mustafa Ismaeel
Amedee – Madmotormiquel, Amount
Sirin – Vandelor, Schmidt
Surge – (PROFF & Igor Garanin Extended Mix) – Above and Beyond
Unwind – Ricardo Angeles
Spring Embers – Nora en Pure
Liebe Dich – Lost Desert
Limbo – Eli Nissan, Bambrook
Uphasa Lane – Netzer Rico, Ricardo
Origins – Julia Tamzyn