Deephouseit Talent Mix – Kédu Carlö

Kédu Carlö release new single ‘Shotgun Baby’ and announce release date for their ‘Space Girl Finds Cash Lp’

Kédu Carlö’s unique sound is influenced by their musical backgrounds – Jess as a singer and keyboardist and Carly as a drummer. Their use of intricate percussion, melodic experimentation and irreverent lyricism defines their distinctive sound. As performing artists they can be found with an array of musical equipment, and a constantly evolving live set-up allowing them to translate and demonstrate their musicianship in fresh and creative ways with every show. From Pioneer DJ controllers to synthesizers, drum machines to live percussion they continue to carve out their unique sound citing influences from Chicago house, acid, techno, electro and breaks.

Space Girl Finds Cash Lp
Released 4th May on EMK.

Space Girl Finds Cash artwork