Deephouseit Talent Mix – Malfie

We welcome London-based DJ & producer Malfie to Deep House as he returns to Robsoul Recordings for his fourth dispatch on the imprint, adding to his burgeoning discography with another package of funk-heavy, toughed-out, street-influenced House.

With the Groove Story EP Malfie once again shows the breadth of his sounds, opening with the cantering, low-slung ‘Odd Flip’. A shuffling groove with cut’n'splice aesthetics at its heart, sporting soulful vocal runs and radiant vibes.

The title track comes with bottom-heavy kick drums and pulsing, rolling basslines in a decisively 90′s feel-good tone, while closer ‘Feelin Good’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Boosting the mood with its finely tuned filters and French Touch bump.

1. Dubphone, Igor Vicente – Mr. Atmo (Original Mix)
2. Kocho – Run (Original Mix)
3. Rufus Gibson – Take One (Original Mix)
4. Tuccillo – Somebody Else (Original Mix)
5. Chris Stussy – You & Me, Together (Original Mix)
6. REda daRE, Djebali – MKF (Traumer Remix)
7. Malfie – Odd Flip (Original Mix)
8. Toman – Sunshine & Ravioli (Original Mix)
9. Mosley Jr – Lasso (Original Mix)
10. Malfie – Groove Story (Original Mix)
11. Animist – Sandman (Original Mix)
12. Tuccillo – Sunshine City (Original Mix)
13. Malfie – Feelin Good (Original Mix)
14. GgDeX – Touch Too Much (Original Mix)
15. Bluey Robinson, Demuir – Lusting U (Original Mix)
16. Vincent Caira – Real Eyes (Original Mix)
17. Damiano von Erckert, Funkycan – Symphonie of a Brother (Original Mix)

Malfie – Groove Story EP [Robsoul Recordings]

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Malfie - Groove Story EP-Robsoul Recordings