Deephouseit Talent Mix – So Kobayashi

This DJ Mix contains many Japanese artists e.g. R406, Hiroshi Watanabe, Chizawa Q, Soushi Mizuno, Ishii Fuwa and Masanori Nozaawa.
I wanted to share some insights about Japanese techno artists who have a distinct synth style characterized by a nostalgic and melancholic vibe. These artists bring their own colors to the music, and I would be delighted to introduce them to audiences outside Japan.

Tracklist (Track / Artist)
1 Always On (Club Mix) Music People
2 My Time Is Yours (Original Mix) Adam Hendrickson
3 Window (Of Opportunity) Jus Nowhere
4 An unpredictable future R406
5 Aureola (Original Mix) Shoal
6 Tokyo Avenue Nørus
7 All Your Shit (Rennie Foster Raw Dub Remix) Funk D’Void
8 Takeoff Roll (Original Mix) So Kobayashi
9 Fresh Air (Original Mix) So Kobayashi
10 A Day Of Rain(Original Mix) Hiroshi Watanabe
11 Asia 4 (Original Mix) Chizawa Q
12 Thyll (Markus Suckut Remix) Freund Der Familie
13 Dystopia So Kobayashi
14 Sola Fide (Original Mix) Tao Andra
15 Live the Life (Original Mix) Hiroshi Watanabe
16 Horizon (Original Mix) D’Funk
17 Ocean Soushi Mizuno
18 RTMN (Original Mix) Ishii Fuwa
19 Decaying Machines So Kobayashi
20 Kappelberg Chant (Original Mix) Skee Mask
21 Flying Again So Kobayashi
22 Bright Janeret
23 Opal Masanori Nozawa
24 Andkoln (Original Mix) Jeremy Olander
25 Black Hole R406
26 Reflourish So Kobayashi
27 Yet To Come (Original Mix) Hod
28 Life everywhere So Kobayashi