Deephouseit Talent Mix – Yaspo

It was 1990 when Yaspo first saw the light of day in the heart of West Germany. Being the curly part of the Strassenmusik/Frohnatur team, he delights with his pushing Deephouse and Melodic-Techno sound.
After finishing his Abitur in 2010, Yaspo gathered feedback via his Soundcloud account and was asked whether he would like to support the newcomer event “Resole” in Essen as a Resident. Following the great success of “Resole”, Yaspo and his fellow promoters Carlo Loco and Eindas started to set up bigger events labeled “Strassenmusik”. Yaspo became Resident. When they were offered an innocent, unused part of a Club in Essen, they decided to create an Open-Air location called “Frohnatur”. This Location became one oft he biggest in the West of Germany.
There Yaspo played as a Resident next to giants like Catz and Dogs, Santé, Jan Blomqvist, Victor Ruiz and many more.