interview: Pretty Pink – Deep Melodic & Tech House

PRETTY-PINK-(push-hard-PR)-(1) Pretty Pink made her way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief into the most intimate basement raves and the biggest festival stages. Through a regular stream of high quality mixes in her radio show ‘DEEP WOODS’ she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Within the span of two years, it landed on 30 leading radio slots worldwide and reached 1 million streams via her socials. After playing alongside respectable tastemakers at a myriad of revered venues in her homeland her loyal fanbase and bookings began to skyrocket. Unforgettable among others is her gig at the Tomorrow Land Festival. For now, with her upcoming releases, studio sessions, Twitch Streams ongoing radio show to residencial performances and a record label, Pretty’s showing signs of becoming a unique individual artist.

Who is Pretty Pink without music in the real world?
The real world and music are inseparably connected to each other in my case. I get up in the morning, and after doing a little sport, I go to my office and take care of the business of my label Wanderlust. This includes not only checking out new demos, but also creating artwork and a lot of communication with artists. I also invest a lot of time to communicate with my followers and create content for my channels. Currently I do this mainly on my channel at Twitch and stream live regularly. Usually I’m on the road on the weekends to play so that a major part of my life is actually dedicated to music and that’s a good thing.

The name Wanderlust already gives away a little bit the orientation of the label, right?
Right. My passion to be on the road and to draw inspiration from the new was also the initial idea for the label. Here I want to have my own platform to live out my creative ideas on the one hand, but on the other hand I also want to give young artists a chance and support them. PRETTY-PINK-(push-hard-PR)-(2)

DJ, producer and label manager: which part prevails?
I can’t really say, because every aspect has something to it. Of course I enjoy the events on the weekends and the dynamic performances and the close contact with the fans in the club and at festivals. However, as a contrast, working on my label or in the studio during the week is very concentrated and focused. In the end I think it’s the combination of all fields that fascinates me so much. As long as it has to do with music, it makes my heart beat faster.

What kind of music do you listen to, if not electronic music?
It really depends on the situation and the time. In the morning after getting up I hear her relaxing sounds, while of course in the afternoon I listen to a bit more powerful music. Many things I often hear, but I also put them into my Wanderlust Playlist on Spotify. Have a listen. PRETTY-PINK-(push-hard-PR)-(5)

You had the chance to perform in different realities, in different countries at different levels…what differences have you found between your gigs in Asia and Europe for example?
I am extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to travel to so many countries and to get to know new cultures and people. My last small tour through Asia brought me to Bali, a really beautiful country with incredibly friendly people. Also the nature was breathtaking. But I find it just as exciting to perform in European cities to dive into the different urban settings. At the gigs I find more similarities and I am always happy about how much music connects us all.

How do you deal with the current Covid-19 situation, how do you see your future?
This situation is an enormous challenge, not only for us artists, creators and organizers. It really affects everyone and everybody and I wish that we all have the energy and strength to deal with this problem together in solidarity and find a long-term solution. I try to use the time as good as possible and invest a lot of time the label and in my live streams on Twitch. Even if it takes a little longer, I can’t wait to get behind the decks at the club again.