premiere: Black Jack – Wormholes In Your Eyes – Lucas Rodenbush Remix

It starts off ambient, social, with drinks in hands, cool clothing and checking each other out, before we eat the eggplant of ecstasy and the pulse starts the rhythm, picking up pace and bodies start to move, love starts to flow with the motion, we become one as the beat starts to pull us through the tunnel – one tribe’s journey to the space place. Hands in the air and space fluid to hand, the sweat and unity unravel our fears. Our house is a congregation of love and we embrace each others’ evolution through time. Later, I wonder where you’ve been that night, and I can’t tell where your beauty lies, ’cause I’m getting lost in the wormholes in your eyes.

- Black Jack

Written and produced by John Morrison aka Black Jack.
Remix by Lucas Rodenbush
Releases Aug. 7th on RF Music