premiere: Cosmic Boys – The Bast (Legend)

After the worldwide success of their first label SCANDER, Cosmic Boys (Sébastien Bevil and Gabriel Meynadier)
was delighted to launch their new label LEGEND last October.

Trending a new electronic music era, LEGEND will shine as a new different star in the world of electronic music.
LEGEND will offer a unique pumping and festive techno with a touch of melodic.

LEGEND will also reflect on Cosmic Boys’ unique style of ultra rhythmic Techno and their universe marked by
effective and impactful synths, drops and breaks without forgetting an unarguable quality of production.
For the beginning of 2019, this 3rd EP signed by Cosmic Boys will definitively mark the label style. This EP of
two tracks « Minotaur » sweet and powerful and « The Bast » rhythmic and festive tell the story of Legend the next 18th of January.

« The Legend speaks of a Minotaur who would unite with a valorous knight called The Bast for fight to a better world».

01. Minotaur (Original Mix)
02. The Bast (Original Mix)

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