premiere: Elon & ADNY – Flirtface – ReSolute

Artist: @elon & ADNY
Label: Resolute
Release date: Dec. 5 2017

US label Resolute has long been renowned for classy house and techno fare. They repeat the trick on their latest, as label head Elon draws on a veritable array of top-drawer talent for the label’s 10th release, The Nest EP. Titled in homage to the Brooklyn-Based studio where each track was produced, the EP is a collaborative project that showcases vintage gear such as the TR-808, 909, Prophet 6, TB-303 and SH-101 to name but a few. It also features a suitably diverse cast, with KiNK, mass_prod, ADNY and David Scuba among those who Elon collaborates with.

Opening up matters is ‘The Nest’, Elon’s collaboration with Bulgarian live act, KiNK. A whimsical, almost celestial track full of gorgeous melodies, it’s a diverse weapon that’s sure to elicit smiles whenever it’s let out of the bag. Elon then hooks up with Italian producer mass_prod on the more robust sounds of ‘Fractious’. A heavyweight house track, it’s cut from a different cloth to ‘The Nest’ and is made for the night’s tripper moments in mind.

On ‘Flirtface’, Elon perks up this time with ‘ADNY’, an emerging US producer who – if this acid-laced-banger is anything to go by – is definitely someone worth keeping an eye out for. Vinyl only cut ‘Meander’ again sees Elon work in tandem with KiNK and again, the results are stunning. Another musically rich track that emphasis the studio nous of both producers, it offers further indication of a quite magnificent collaboration. On a digi-only tip, Elon hooks up with sometime Mr C collaborator, David Scuba. ‘Last Call’ sees the pair delve to deep, techy pastures, with the end result proving a fitting track with which to sign off a release that’s impressive throughout.