premiere: Fabio Tallo – Ora Dorata (Taste Rec.)

After releasing music from the likes of SofaTalk, Futureboogie’s The Robinson, Jack Bags and the late XBeat, Milan collective Taste Rec. is about to drop the wonderfully diverse debut EP ‘Seradieri’ from Fabio Tallo, backed up by a remix from Gestalt Records and NeoViolence man Ground16.

Fabio Tallo is a sardinian musician, sound designer and artist born in october 1988.
It’s hard to define his work close to fixed Electronic Music genres or subcultures because of the non-stop research through the world of audio field sampling and sound synthesis. The versatility of the artist comes from the attempt to
achieve a broad view on the descent of emotions from the Electronic Music, which converge in a global view obtained from the sum of the different perspectives that are his own distinct projects. The main research concept is the narratability of phenomena, more precisely the achievement of them to the status of “event” – the kind of aesthetic phenomenon which is no longer a scientific or technical subject of study, but better yet a full immersive form of
sensible experience.

Seradieri EP is a collection of 4 original cuts, moving really interestingly between genres. From the minimal sound of ‘Ora Dorata’ and the ambient / Boards of Canada atmosphere’s of ‘Anticamera’ to the more Techno / Italo ‘Notte Tempo’ and finally the deep and soothing ‘Pusti Meigamma’. The closing track has also been reworked by Ground16. The talented Suisse producer delivered a broken beat interpretation of the original version, raising the bar high.

Taste Rec.’s latest EP, ‘Seradieri’ from Fabio Tallo, means innovation and quality. Out on digital on the 22nd of October

Released by: Taste Rec,
Release date: 22 October 2021

Fabio Tallo

Taste Rec

Fabio Tallo - Seradieri (TSTRD008)