premiere: Ivan Latyshev – Living For Tomorrow – Alae Records

Artist: Ivan Latyshev
Title: Living For Tomorrow
Label: Alae Records

Ivan Latyshev is a musician, DJ, producer and label owner from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now based in Barcelona, his is a varied and hard-to-pigeonhole sound, with a discography that stands up to the fact. Regardless of ether the’s turning his hand to dancefloor-focused cuts or more ambient-inclined music, his releases always keep the listener’s focus intact throughout.

Latyshev’s latest endeavour is his new label, Alae Records. A unique project that combines a label, a recording studio and a production centre, it has been set up to ‘help professional artists find their true paths’. If this release, ‘Bypass Feelings’ is a fitting indication, it’s sure to make for an exciting ride. An EP that rolls through a gamut of emotions, it goes from melancholy to sombre to more uplifting, grandiose tracks. A record that firmly emphasises all that’s great about Latyshev’s discerning palette, it provides an intriguing look into the mindset of a producer keen to follow his own path.

Opening up the release is the sounds of ‘Pokhara Lake’. A stifling piece of acute electronica, it immediately reminds us that this is no ordinary release. Solemn and moody, it’s also exceptionally beautiful and bares all the hallmarks of a producer with a rich musical background. ‘Dying to be Myself’ sees Latyshev opt for some beguiling strings and a cinematic feel, before the record closes out courtesy of ‘Living for Tomorrow’. An ethereal gem that’s filled with intriguing vocals, it takes the breath away and end the release on another high point.