premiere: Lorenzo Dada – Love for Love (Nitin Remix) Culprit

Artist: Lorenzo Dada
Title: Second Life
Label: Culprit
Catalogue Number: CPCD002
Remixer: Nitin

One of the true measures of a label, especially one with designs on longevity and relevance, is its ability to develop young production talent from ground up. Helping mold an artist in his/her formative years and see them go out confidently into the world is a particular pleasure. For Culprit, one such artist is Rome -born and –based, Los Angeles-inspired – Lorenzo Dada.

A scion of a creative family – with father being a respected Italian composer – Lorenzo was destined for life in music. Put through full classical training steps, he has honed his ability from a very young age. An accomplished pianist, with a sophisticated ear and a natural feel for harmony, Lorenzo has steadily applied his considerable skills to his first love – electronic music. On February 13th, he is taking a major artistic leap by preparing his debut album, “Second Life,” for Culprit – his musical home.

Through his West Coast-born wife and many long and productive trips to Los Angeles, Lorenzo has developed a special affection for the city and the Culprit crew. Getting his label start in 2013 with a track on the “Above the City, 2” compilation, followed by two full EP releases, a full-length album is the next logical step for Lorenzo. If there is one artist on the Culprit roster capable of ambitious musical statement – it’s Lorenzo Dada.

“Second Life” marks Culprit’s second venture into an album territory and the first one in 7 years. It is melodically rich, texturally layered, at times brooding, tender at others. Lorenzo’s keyboard mastery is on full display, but in a non-showy, focused way. He manages to create distinct soundscapes that form a coherent whole. Culprit are thrilled with the result, which also features vital contributions from two friends of the label – Benoit Simon of Benoit & Sergio, who is exploring a new Sxnths alias, and Nitin of No.19 and The BPM Festival fame. Their very different takes on the “Skeleton Key” track showcase their respective strengths.

1) Eternal City
2) Second Life
3) Love For Love
4) Love For Love (Nitin Remix)?
5) Early Years
6) City of Angels
7) Eclipse
8) I Will See You Again feat Kennymak?
9) For The Rest Of My Life
10) The Journey
11) Skeleton Key
12) Skeleton key (Sxnths remix)
13) Skeleton Key (Sxnths Black Friday Remix)

Lorenzo Dada - Second Life - Culprit CPCD002