premiere: Lstnght – Arvo (Undermind Records)

Artist: lstnght
Title: Not Enough
Record Label: Undermind Records
Cat.Number: UNDR02
Release Date: 4th June 2021 (Beatport and Spotify), 18th June 2021 (All other shops)

1) Not Enough
2) Arvo

In today’s social media-centric age we are constantly questioning ourselves. The inundation of content fuels self-comparison with others and the world around us, whether conscious of it or not. “Not Enough” represents our battle with self-doubt, and the desire to escape the confines of societal pressures and expectations; a tribute to those who go forth, trusting the universe and manifesting their dreams into reality.

“Arvo” concludes the EP representing the slow and gradual progress of self-discovery and where we fit in the universe. By surrendering to the tide and energy we feel around us, one can reach a state of self-actualization.