Premiere: Steevio – Pollinators – Clock Poets

All Steevio’s tracks were recorded in real time and are 100% improvised on a Eurorack modular synth and Moog Voyager. Steevio’s modular synth is all analogue, so all the patterns and sounds were created in real time with no pre-planning and with nothing saved digitally. Each track was started about 2 minutes before recording began, to get a rough basis for the track, and from then on is improvised. There was no EQ or compression applied to any of the sounds, they come directly from the VCF/VCAs of the modular, to an analogue mixing desk and recorded as 2-track wavs. The final recordings were then lightly mastered using only an analogue compressor and EQ. There was no concept behind any of these tracks, other than they were driven by an overwhelming feeling of melancholy due to the way human beings are treating our planet, and the destructive forces of capitalism and corporate ecocide.

Artist: Steevio
Title: Fairphone
Label: Clockpoets
Release Date: 15/06/18

A1 Fairphone
A2 Pollinators
B1 Lloergan
B2 Fairphone (Clock Poets remix)