premiere: Laughing Man – 1939 (Original Mix) Silencio

Label: Silencio
Artist: Laughing Man

New comers Laughing Man and Noah Skelton release their “Element EP”, on Silencio.
The first track, “Element”, is a collaboration between the two artists. This combined effort rumbles into the clearing, dragging the dance floor and its occupants along with it for a riveting ride throughout its duration. A beguiling bass line, complimented by underlying ethereal sounds, seamlessly contrasts and connects to form a compelling rhythm. Riddled with space age laser samples that periodically bubble to the surface, this track consistently pulls listeners in by pushing out good vibrations.
On Side B Laughing Man goes solo with the second track ”1939“. This dynamic offering is a model of contemplative creation that basks in its own thought provoking ambience. A series of scintillating samples, echoing in waves of varying intensity, are served up with satisfying drums and a clever assortment of claps. This release has a way of finding your mind and marinating in the sub-conscious because it’s just that deep.

Element EP

A. Element – 7:23
B. 1939 – 7:25
Release Date Physical & Digital: June 2017