Us & Sparkles – I’ll Take That Richter

Swiss electronic production duo Us & Sparkles return with deeply thought-provocative visuals to accompany their mellow soundscape ‘I’ll Take That Richter’ via indie label Radicalis.

Roland Vollenweider and Philipp Cron combine ambient synths with carefully crafted artificial melodies on this blissful release. Airy, otherworldly riffs glide above light rhythms and infectious percussion to lull you into an unfamiliar yet nirvana-esque daze.

Director Dylan Moore portrays the story of two young lovers destined to part ways.
Edited in reverse, the tale begins with heartbreak, going on to guide us through empty streets, lonely parties, and despair, culminating with hope and adoration. Inspired by a quote from renowned German artist: Gerhard Richter, we are reminded that – “chance determines our lives in important ways.” Love is bittersweet. Even the most beautiful of relationships can always be undone through events we have no control over.
In a melancholy yet enlightened realisation, even when love seems unequivocally certain only change is assured.