WIP Management dice no a Traktor

L’agenzia di booking spagnola WIP ha comunicato tramite la sua pagina facebook che non farà più esibire dj che usano traktor. I responsabili dell’agenzia dichiarano di non avere nulla contro Native Instruments o Traktor, ma sostengono di essere stufi dei problemi derivanti da cavi mancanti, settaggi sbagliati e computer che si bloccano. Un altro motivo sembra essere la pigrizia mostrata da molti dj e la mancanza di un background musicale che li rende “insignificanti e intercambiabili con altri 10000 Tracktor Djs”. L’agenzia esterna inoltre le sue critiche verso quei dj che suonano la stessa playlist ad ogni evento, finendo per fornire un prodotto essenzialmente standardizzato.
Insomma la critica sembra dovuta non tanto al fatto di usare Traktor in se, quanto alla mancanza di un’adeguata cultura musicale, di gusto nella selezione dei brani e della personalità che un bravo dj dovrebbe avere sempre.

Di seguito il testo in lingua originale:

So we’ve decided that all WIP events will be Traktor free from now on. This decision is solely based on the hundreds of experiences (none positive) that we’ve had over the past 3 years with “artists” using Traktor, and on the equally large number of  “suggestions” (aka complaints) from our public every time a Traktor “artist” fails to deliver.  Nothing against Native Instruments and their software, which is great, innovative, and an amazing tool, as are pretty much all of NI products (love Komplete, and Maschine). Yes, Traktor does crash every now and then but it has to do more with “artists” shitty setups, and beaten down laptops (CDJs and vinyl needles also can and do fail occasionally)

The real issue is with “artists” who swear they can play any format be it CD, vinyl, usb and or Traktor but whose Traktor sets are nothing but stale, bland and outright insulting to a paying crowd and promoter.

We’ve  also grown tired of the endless issues with missing cables, problems with timecode (learn how to use your gear before you play out), taking up the previous Dj’s time to set up your gear (cause you didn’t want to come to the club early and set up your Traktor), how is it you play 5 times a week and still don’t know how to set it up right? And, more importantly we’re fed up with the general laziness shown by 99% of “artists” that we’ve seen and heard playing Traktor. The problem is not only that you are lazy, but that you clearly show you have no idea whatsoever of how to build a set, read a crowd, work a track with your “special” efx controller, and that you play the same tracks  that all of your buddies play (in the same order!) which makes you completely forgettable and interchangeable with any one of 10,000 Traktor Djs out there.

Once again, Traktor is a great idea and a very fun and useful tool, but unfortunately buying it doesn’t magically turn you into a DJ, at least not a good one, and it doesn’t come with instant music culture and/or instructions on how to do all the things that make a Dj and a performer good.  As open minded as we are with new technologies,  it is clear that there is not and there will never be a replacement for taste, personality, experience and education; so , dear “artist” before you buy your copy of Traktor please make sure you acquire all of the above, then and only then will you deserve the attention and financial reward you so desperately crave, and will do this great software the justice it deserves.

To all Traktor “artists” who have a list of tracks you play in the same order at every gig regardless of what’s going on on the dancefloor, who spend more time on Facebook on your iphones while your pre-arranged set plays on, who use the same effects on the same tracks that every other Traktor Dj is using the exact same way, you who use sync because you can’t beat-match and stare at your computer screen ignoring the people who’ve paid to see you, thank you, but no thank you.

Fonte: http://www.facebook.com/notes/wip-itswip/no-more-traktor-at-wip/3421383953281

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